U4’s Bushcraft Trip Adventure

On Tuesday 25 September, our U4 students set off to Cornbury Park Woods, in Oxfordshire, for a Bushcraft team building day. The day was spent entirely outdoors, with many adventurous outdoor survival skills workshops and team bonding exercises. 

U4 Explore Roman Living in Classical Civilisation

The Upper 4 group for Classical Civilisation has recently embarked on a project of investigation and recording, to discover and compare differences between living as a wealthy or a poor Roman.

U4 Classics Trip to Fishbourne Palace

On Friday 4 March, the whole of the U4 year group visited Fishbourne Roman Palace as part of their Latin and Classical Civilisation studies. Fishbourne, which is two miles from Chichester, is the largest private house found in Roman Britain and dates from the first century AD.  It is best known for its magnificent mosaic floors […]

U4 English Apprentice

On Friday 22 February, the U4s demonstrated their considerable business acumen by pitching ideas for new brands of mineral water to a panel of business people.   The ideas ranged from water taken from the foothills of Everest to sculpted bottles for impressive dinner parties. The pitches were presented with confidence and flair. The television advertisements, […]

U4 Options Day

Last Friday our U4 girls joined together to spend the day making an informed decision on which GCSEs to study next year. The Options Day consisted of presentations and talks from teachers and students on the practical side of their GCSE studies and looking beyond GCSEs to A Levels; workshops on careers and personal finance followed by some inspiring […]