Updated Weather Advice

Saturday 19 January, 11.00am With the continued bad weather and the forecast over the next few days, the buses will leave at 4.30pm on Monday. If this causes difficulties for you, please contact the school office on 0118 918 7300 or office@qas.org.uk.  Should your daughter require overnight accommodation we will be happy to organise this. […]

Public Examinations and 11+ Common Entrance Advice

Friday 18 January 2013, 10.25am All girls sitting public examinations on Monday should make every effort to make their way to school safely.  Day girls are welcome to stay overnight in the boarding house should they wish. Girls who are due to sit 11+ Common Entrance Examinations on Monday are also welcome to stay overnight […]

Updated Weather Information

Friday 18 January 9.40am Day Students Following the updated weather reports this morning, day girls whose local weather conditions have deteriorated may be collected from school at parents’ discretion over the course of today.  Please notify the school office of your intentions and of timings.  The school office will then contact your daughter and relay […]

Bad Weather Advice

In the event of disruption caused by heavy snow, freezing conditions or other adverse weather conditions, the prime concern of the school is the safety of pupils and staff. Due to the presence of boarders, the school will never fully close for adverse weather conditions during term time.  We will use the website to keep […]