L6 attend ‘Maths Inspiration’ talk in Reading

On Tuesday 27 February 2018, the L6 mathematicians attended a ‘Maths Inspiration’ talk at the Hexagon, consisting of talks from Matt Parker, Hannah Fry, David Acheson and Hugh Hunt, speaking on ‘A Random Talk, ‘Pi, Pizza and the Electric Guitar’ and ‘Maths in a Spin’.

L5 Trip to London Zoo

L5 Trip to London Zoo We are proposing to take the L5 to London Zoo on Monday 22 April 2013. During the visit we will actively explore one of the GCSE units by looking at how animals cope with extreme temperatures or living in water, considering what adaptations help animals climb or fly and investigating […]

L6 History Trip to Chalke Valley History Festival for Schools

The Chalke Valley History Festival is unique, with a literary history festival and living history through the ages. Attracting some 13,000 in only its second year in 2012, 2013 promises to be even better.  For further information please visit www.cvhf.org.uk