BrainCanDo symposium: Sleep and the Teenage Brain

BrainCanDo is pleased to be able to welcome two sleep experts, Dr Nicola Barclay from the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute (Oxford University) and Dr Fran Knight from the Institute of Education (UCL)

Psychology Lecture

Professor Neil Martin is coming to the school to give a lecture about psychology, Regent’s University and what to expect from a psychology degree.

Psychology Trip to Reading Jail

On Thursday 29 September, a group of Sixth Form students went on an exciting Psychology and Art trip to Reading Jail.

How Can Music Make You Smart?

The benefits of active music – playing a musical instrument or singing – and seeing the positive results of practice have been shown to have a link to academic performance and could have implications for future teaching interventions. Results from a new research project indicate that there is a chain of relationships that connect academic […]