BrainCanDo symposium: Sleep and the Teenage Brain

BrainCanDo is pleased to be able to welcome two sleep experts, Dr Nicola Barclay from the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute (Oxford University) and Dr Fran Knight from the Institute of Education (UCL)

Psychology Lecture

Professor Neil Martin is coming to the school to give a lecture about psychology, Regent’s University and what to expect from a psychology degree.

Philosophy Lecture & Masterclasses from Dr. Peter Dennis

On Monday 20 March, Dr. Peter Dennis, Fellow in Philosophy at the London School of Economics and Political Science and a Fellow of the Forum for European Philosophy, will give a lecture at Queen Anne’s School on the question ‘Can Computers Think?’

Music And The Brain Lecture

On Thursday 4 December, Reading School are holding a ‘Music and the Brain’ Lecture at 4pm at the school. The lecture will look at how music affects the brain and will feature an OR psychologist Paul Mossman and concert pianist Olga Bobrovnikoca and is open to students in the L6 and U6. Paul and Olga will […]