Half Term

Half Term begins at 4:30 – Girls are free to leave if they have no other commitments

Musical Highlights

The Queen Anne’s Music department have once again enjoyed another action-packed Lent Term and as we look forward to the summer term, find out more about our girls’ spectacular performances at the “Night at the Musicals” event in February and their half-term music tour to Seville and Córdoba.


Half Term begins on Friday 27 May and ends on Sunday 5 June. Friday 27 May – Girls may leave at 4:30pm if they have no regular commitments. Buses depart at this time. Sunday 5 June Supper – 18:30-19:00 L4-U5 boarders to arrive by 17:30 L6/U6 boarders to arrive by 20:00


Half-Term begins on Friday 12 February at 16:30 until Sunday 21 February Buses depart at 16:30

Take the Half-Term Challenge with Kings Camp

Queen Anne’s are delighted to be welcoming Kings Camps back this October with their 3 day Team Challenge event, specifically designed for half term holidays! The Team Challenge event will run from 28 – 30 October 2014. Team Challenge is great for children of all abilities and uses a mix of age-specific sports and whole […]


Half-Term begins from Friday 22 May until Sunday 31 May Buses depart at 16:30 Saturday 23 May – House on Duty – Holmes Sunday 31 May – House on Duty – Wilkins 18:30 – 19:00 – Supper L4-U5 Boarders Arrive by 17:30 L6-U6 Boarders Arrive by 20:00


Half-Term begins on Friday 13 February until Sunday 22 February Buses depart at 16.30pm House on duty – Maddock and Michell L4-U5 Boarders to arrive by 17:30 L6/U6 Boarders to arrive by 20:00 18:30 – Supper  

Kings Camp at Queen Anne's

This October Half Term, Kings Camp will be running a 3 day programme of sports and activities at Queen Anne’s from Tuesday 29 to Thursday 31 October. ‘Team Challenge’ is specifically designed for 5-14 year olds and uses a mix of age-specific sports and activities and all-age challenges and competitions. To find out more information […]