L4 English Trip to Stratford upon Avon

The English department have arranged to take L4s to Stratford-upon-Avon on Friday, 15 June  2018. The purpose of this ‘In the Footsteps of Shakespeare’ trip is to enhance our English curriculum and to provide valuable contextual background for the girls’ study of Shakespeare plays in forthcoming years.

L4 Author Trip

On Thursday 25 September, our L4 pupils travelled to Highdown School in Reading to hear bestselling children’s author, Michelle Paver, talk about her writing and her latest novel ‘The Eye of the Falcon.’ Annabel, L4, provides us with a review of the trip: “Last week all of the L4 year group went on a trip […]

Creative Costumes and Inspiring Stories at World Book Day

This year we celebrated World Book Day in typical Queen Anne’s style. The girls adorned themselves in a range of colourful, imaginative and creative costumes that ranged from a pair of chillies from Delia Smith’s Cookbook to Fayha Mohammed, who painted herself purple and came as Violet from Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. The overall […]