The Classics Department visit the British Museum

On Tuesday 25 September, all the girls studying GCSE and A Level Classical Civilisation travelled to the British Museum to immerse themselves in the world of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

U4 Classics Trip to Fishbourne Palace

On Friday 4 March, the whole of the U4 year group visited Fishbourne Roman Palace as part of their Latin and Classical Civilisation studies. Fishbourne, which is two miles from Chichester, is the largest private house found in Roman Britain and dates from the first century AD.  It is best known for its magnificent mosaic floors […]

Classics Trip To Bath

On Thursday 27 November, Queen Anne’s Fifth Form Classics students enjoyed an educational visit to Bath. It was an early start for many and Miss Douglas attempted to cheer everyone up with pain au chocolats and Latin sentences for translation. First stop was the Roman Baths, where the group were greeted by a guide who […]