Queen Anne's Lacrosse Players Selected For Berkshire

Congratulations to our Queen Anne’s girls who have been selected to represent Berkshire at Lacrosse this year. Overall, 26 pupils will represent the county which is a fantastic achievement for Queen Anne’s so good luck to all our girls in their upcoming matches. The following girls have been selected: U19 Berkshire A Cooper A Crowther […]

Results (A) ESAA Track and Field Championships

Congratulations to the Inter and Junior teams who competed at Palmer Park against 9 other schools at the ESAA Track and Field Championships held on Tuesday 13 May. The Junior competition was extremely close with the team claiming 4th place, missing out by just one point for 3rd place and only 4 points for 2nd place. […]

L5 Trip to London Zoo

L5 Trip to London Zoo We are proposing to take the L5 to London Zoo on Monday 22 April 2013. During the visit we will actively explore one of the GCSE units by looking at how animals cope with extreme temperatures or living in water, considering what adaptations help animals climb or fly and investigating […]

Boarding schools: moving with the times

Queen Anne’s School governor and Head of English at Eton Jonathan Noakes ‘Boarding schools: moving with the times’ article for the Telegraph: ‘Schools are innovating to extend the appeal and availability of the boarding experience, says teacher, parent and former pupil Jonathan Noakes.’ Please click here to read the full article.