National Biology Week Fun!

Queen Anne’s School had a thrilling time in National Biology Week 2014. Biology Busking took place in the science centre. Students took part in many activities, including blind tasting, mini beast safari, ‘name that bone’, bendy bones, naked eggs and brain clock to name a few. Buddy (the Cavachon) and Linus (the Cocker Spaniel) were […]

Another Year of Top A Level Results

50% A*/A Grades Straight A*/A grades for 24% of girls Queen Anne’s School is celebrating another bumper year of A Level results with 50% of grades at A* or A.   Straight A*/A grades were achieved by 24% of girls and over a third of students studying Chemistry or Mathematics achieved the top starred grade. Talking […]

AS Level and A Level Results

A Level results can be collected from 7am onwards. AS Level results can be collected from 10am onwards.