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Queen Anne’s has an excellent reputation for pastoral care. We believe girls perform best when they are happy and secure, and we have effective pastoral systems in place to ensure this. We see pastoral care and academic development as interwoven; one cannot flourish without the other.

Ms Maggie Chodak, Deputy Head - PastoralWe have a strong team of staff, each with a specific responsibility for looking after the welfare of particular groups of girls. Ms Maggie Chodak, Deputy Head – Pastoral, oversees the pastoral care of all the girls here at Queen Anne’s and is supported by Mrs Daniela Vought, Assistant Head – Pastoral.

Girls may attend Queen Anne’s daily or on a full, weekly or flexi-board basis according to individual family needs. Currently approximately half the girls board and half are day girls. In the Lower and Middle School, we have three Day Houses and two Boarding Houses. In the Sixth Form, day and boarding girls share the facilities as they prepare for their A Levels and university life. More details can be found on the individual house pages.

Mrs Daniela Vought

Every Queen Anne’s girl belongs to a House and House parents are the main point of contact for any academic or pastoral queries you or your daughter may have. Each Housemistress or Housemaster is supported by a team of deputies, tutors and GAP staff. Tutors meet with their tutees at least twice a week to discuss academic and pastoral progress.  Your daughter’s tutor will remain with her until she has completed her GCSEs. All staff play a vital role in the smooth running of the House, and in the overall pastoral care given to the girls.

Being in the Houses means that there is a lot of help on hand – it might be anything from revision notes to beauty tips! It’s great when you can help someone. When I was in the younger years, older girls helped me too – it’s just what we do here.  Everyone’s always on your side.

Laren Tayyip, Head Girl


Sixth Form in HouseWe support each girl in all she does. Each girl feels confident and secure from the day she enters the school, enabling her to excel and enjoy the challenges and opportunities Queen Anne’s has to offer. It is a pastoral system we are incredibly proud of.  All girls flourish, enjoying the space, the facilities, the commitment and above all the friendliness of the Queen Anne’s community.

Pastoral staff are available to all of the girls throughout the day so they have the opportunity to talk in confidence.  The Health Centre is well equipped and is staffed by two fully trained nurses. We have three trained counsellors who work within the pastoral system and are available for confidential advice and support where needed.
Queen Anne’s is proud of its commitment to Peer Mentoring. All the girls involved have volunteered for the role.  They undergo training and are available to any girl for a chat, offering advice and support.  There is a well-organised induction programme for those joining the school. Girls are mentored by a current member of the school who ensures the transition into life at Queen Anne’s is smooth, happy and fun.

The History of the Houses

The Houses at Queen Anne’s are named after seven of the businessmen who originally set up the Grey Coat Hospital Foundation in 1698: Richard Ffyler (draper), John Holmes (soap and candle maker), Robert Maddock (cheesemonger), Samuel Michell (bookseller), Charles Webbe, John Wilkins and Thomas Wisdome (traders in brooms and leather).

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