Wilkins House is one big, happy family!  We are great because of the girls who live in Wilkins. The girls look after each other, and encourage each other to do their best in every aspect of school life. We have outstanding individuals who inspire others in drama, public speaking, music, sport and so on. We value everyone as much for their effort and personality as for their individual attainment.

Wilkins has a large sit and a kitchen/dining room. The sit is somewhere you can socialise with friends, listen to music or even play on the Wii. The kitchen is a good place to watch television whilst munching on bedtime snacks or toast after prep time.

There is a work room to complete prep or read a book and this is supervised during prep time. The prep room provides an environment conducive to learning and quiet study. We also have book lockers in school, where we can pack our school bags and prepare for the busy day ahead.

The Wilkins family is global: we speak many languages and have many faiths but the desire to enjoy life to the full is universal. We welcome visitors – the House is not just a building, it is the people who live in it. Come and meet us!



Wilkins House is run by Gary and Heidi Blunt. Mr and Mrs Blunt have three daughters, Sophie, Evie and Camille and the family also have a Springerdoodle who goes by the name of Coco. She is loved by all the girls who love to give her a cuddle every now and then.

In addition to the Housemistress, there is a Deputy Housemistress, Miss Ormerod, a graduate Gap, Miss McCreedy who are both resident in the house, as well as Mrs Mulligan who is our day matron, and helps us to look after the girls.

Boarding in Wilkins is good fun and you will make some really close friends. it teaches you independence, organisation and responsibility. But above all, you will have a lot of laughs!


Houseparents: Mr and Mrs Blunt
Deputy Housemistress: Miss Ormerod
Matron: Mrs Mulligan
L4 Tutor: Miss Ormerod (Deputy Housemistress)
4 Tutor: Ms Khuman
U4 Tutors: Dr Beale and Miss Marsh
L5  Tutors: Mr Owen and Ms Ognjenovic
U5 Tutor: Miss Dannatt and Ms Katz
Graduate Assistant: Miss McCreedy

Contact details:
0118 918 7370


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