The outstanding teaching alongside the opportunities the girls at Queen Anne’s are given to develop their knowledge and skills provide the optimal conditions for public examination entry.

The girls are taught in classes of approximately 12 students at A level. Tutor support, clinics and teaching on how the brain works and strategies for learning, revision and well being, are all critical to the excellent results that the girls achieve every year.

Our results are always a credit to the hard work and commitment of our girls and the dedication they demonstrate towards their studies and their futures on a day to day basis.

Every girl will, alongside their examination grades, take with them an array of other awards and accolades; for some girls this includes Grade 8 Speech and Drama awards, Grade 8 and Diploma musical achievements, Duke of Edinburgh Awards, memberships of the National Youth Theatre, National Youth Musical Theatre, National Youth Orchestra and competing and achieving at national level in their chosen sport. The girls also take with them well-developed interpersonal skills, namely confidence, compassion and kindness. Most importantly, the all-round achievements of our students enable them to move on to universities, businesses and other institutions ready to pursue the next stages of their development with a sense of fulfilment and a strong inner compass.


Queen Anne’s School is proud to announce another year of excellent GCSE results with 64% of pupils achieving A*/A grades, with 28% of all grades at A*. 37% of girls achieved 9 or more A*/A grades in their results. Alongside outstanding academic success, our pupils demonstrate that they can also achieve extraordinary successes outside of the classroom in sport, music and drama.

Headmistress Mrs Julia Harrington said:

“Congratulations to the girls and staff for the hard work and dedication that has gone into achieving another set of brilliant results. The girls have worked exceptionally hard to obtain top marks, which will provide them with the perfect springboard to commence their A Level studies in September.

As well as embarking on the next stage of their education, the girls will be the first year group to take advantage of “The Space”, our new state-of-the-art Sixth Form Centre. “The Space”, which will officially open in September, featuring a digital library, e-learning pods, a walled garden for relaxation combined with seminar and teaching rooms to facilitate collaborative learning experiences for our Sixth Form students.”

Congratulations go to rowing star Isabelle Richards from Thatcham in Berkshire, who has achieved ten A* grades and one A grade in her GCSEs. Alongside her academic success, Izzy won Gold at this year’s National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships and is well on her way to emulating Alumnae and 2016 Olympic Silver medallist in the Rowing Women’s Eight, Olivia Carnegie-Brown. Izzy, who has also achieved a Distinction in her Grade 8 Oboe examination will now go on to study Biology, Chemistry, Geography and Maths at A Level.

16-year-old Emma Hewlett from Caversham in Reading will be celebrating this evening after receiving an incredible eleven A* grades in her GCSEs, including Dutch. Emma will go on to study Physics, Classics, French and English at A Level in September.

Fellow musicians Nia Hudson and Alice Oram, both from Reading in Berkshire, are celebrating hitting all the right notes after achieving 16 A* grades and 6 A grades between them. Alice, who was awarded nine A* grades and two A grades, will go on to study A Level Chemistry, Maths and Physics and Nia, who achieved seven A* grades and four A grades, will study A Level Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths this September.

It has also been another exceptional year for the school’s Science department at Queen Anne’s. In Biology, 84% of all grades were A*/A with A*/A grades in Chemistry and Physics both at 81%.

Sporting star and recent ‘ball girl’ at the 2015 ATP World Tour Finals, Isabella Bowater from Henley-on-Thames, is celebrating after being awarded eight A* grades and two A grades in her GCSEs. U19 England Lacrosse player, Isabella, who is currently participating on the Queen Anne’s Lacrosse Tour in America, will be studying A Level Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths next year.

Congratulations also go to Niamh Edwards from Pangbourne in Berkshire, who has been awarded excellent GCSE grades including an exceptional ten A* grades. Niamh will go on to study A Level Biology, Chemistry, English and Maths in September.

Once again, Queen Anne’s girls studying Mandarin have received a fantastic set of results with 100% of girls achieving A*/A grades, all of whom are non-native Mandarin speakers. With the recent introduction of Dance into the curriculum, all girls studying this subject received A* grades in their examinations, demonstrating that academic excellence exists across all subjects offered at Queen Anne’s.

Katherine Derde from Marlow in Buckinghamshire, is one step closer towards her dream of becoming an engineer after receiving her GCSE results today. Katherine’s results include nine A* grades and one A grade and she will now go on to study Chemistry, Physics and Economics and Mathematics at A Level.

Elena Sheppard, from Beaconsfield in Berkshire, celebrates achieving 11 GCSEs, including nine A* grades. Elena now looks forward to the next stage of her education and will go on to study A Level Maths, Further Maths, Biology and Physics in September.

Georgina Evans, from Henley-on-Thames, will now go on to study Biology, Chemistry, Physical Education and English at A Level after achieving a top set of GCSEs grades, including nine A*/A grades. Georgina represents the U19B South West England Lacrosse Team and successfully captained the school’s U16A team to Berkshire County Champions at the National Schools’ Lacrosse Championships.

Alongside running a Latin and Classics club in Caversham, friends Jessica Blakemore and Heather Acornley have achieved academic success in their GCSE results. Jessica, whose results include ten A*/A grades and Heather, whose results include nine A*/A grades, were both instrumental in setting up the club and volunteering their time to help other pupils in the local community. The girls are looking forward to continuing their A Level studies at Queen Anne’s with Heather going on to study Classics, Biology and Psychology and Jessica will study Art, Maths, Philosophy & Ethics and Psychology.

South West Lacrosse goalkeeper, Shana Hart from High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, has achieved a string of fantastic GCSE results, including nine A*/A grades. Shana, who will go on to study A Level Biology, Psychology, Physical Education and English, was thrilled to be selected this year for the U19A South West Lacrosse Squad at only 16 years of age.

Daphne Psarra, from Reading in Berkshire, is celebrating achieving 11 GCSEs, including ten A*/A grades. Daphne will now go on to study Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths at A Level.

16-year-old Grace Peachey from Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, will be celebrating with friends and families this evening after achieving a great set of GCSE results, including eight A* grades and two A grades. Grace will be studying Biology, English, Psychology and Government & Politics at A Level.

Synchronised swimmer, Sophie Wulfinghoff from Caversham Heights in Caversham, is delighted to be awarded six A* grades and four A grades in her GCSEs. Sophie, who has achieved numerous synchronised swimming successes, including participating in trials for England, will go on to study A Level Biology, Physical Education, Chemistry and Core Mathematics in September.


The breakdown of Queen Anne’s School’s GCSE results is as follows:

A*           28%

A*/A       64%

A*-B       88%

A*-C       98%

Pass        100%


Queen Anne’s school is proud to announce another year of exceptional GCSE results with 28% of all entries receiving A*s, as compared to the national average of 6.8% for A* grades, and 50% of girls achieving 7 or more A*/A grades in their results.

Headmistress Mrs Julia Harrington said “Congratulations to the girls and staff for the hard work and dedication which has gone into achieving these results. These girls now go on to the challenge of A-Levels and we look forward to helping them fulfil their potential in the Sixth Form as well as continuing to enjoy impressive standards in our music, drama, art and sport departments.”

Charlotte Leaver, who turned 16 today is celebrating her birthday with eight A*s and two A grades. Charlotte, a keen mathematician, has also been awarded a Distinction in Further Mathematics which puts her in the top 5% in the country. Charlotte will further her interest as she is studying Maths at A Level as well as Physics, French and English with a view to a career in Structural Engineering.

Queen Anne’s results also demonstrated the school’s commitment and excellence in Science. In Biology 88% of all grades were A*/A, in Physics 85% A*/A, and in Chemistry 67%. In History 79% of all grades were A*/A and 90% of all grades were A*/B in English Literature.

Having introduced Mandarin into the curriculum just 6 years ago, all 8 girls studying this subject achieved an incredible 100% pass at A* grade, all of whom are non-native Mandarin speakers. Our thriving music department has also excelled with 8 girls aged 15 taking their IGCSE music qualification a year early and all achieving the top A* grade, as well holding excellent instrumental grades including grade 8 with distinction, five Grades 7s and three Grade 6s, demonstrating that Queen Anne’s promotes academic excellence alongside individual talent.

Congratulations go to Olivia Dunning, aged 16 from Henley-on-Thames, who has achieved top grades in her GCSEs. Olivia, who was awarded the U5 (Year 11) Achievement prize at Speech Day, received ten A* grades, including an A grade in Spanish. Olivia spent the summer working in Spain as an au pair and will be studying Mathematics, English Literature, Mandarin, Chemistry and Economics at A Level next year.

18% of girls achieved straight A* and A’s, scoring a grand total of 123 A* to A grades between them. Felix Manocha, as founding Editor of the school magazine, and now with eight A* and two A grades, will have plenty to write about! Antonia Sheppard, who sat her AS Music this year after only studying for 6 weeks, also achieved an incredible three A* and seven A grades. Antonia attended the World Scout Jamboree trip to Japan in July and returns to study Music Technology, English Literature, History and Psychology next year.

16-year-old Olivia Dunseath from Wokingham has been awarded nine A*s and one A grade in her GCSEs. Olivia will go on to study Mathematics, Biology, History and Chemistry at A Level next year.

Olawaseun Olukoko (Lulu), 16, from Nigeria, has achieved an excellent set of results including six A*s and three A grades. Lulu hopes to follow in her father’s footsteps and go on to study Chemical Engineering. Lulu will be studying Maths, English Literature, Physics and Chemistry at A Level.

Lacrosse player, Britta Anderson, aged 16 from Henley-on-Thames is celebrating after receiving 8 A* and 2 A grades in her GCSEs. Britta, who was awarded the Calliope prize for consistent effort in the U5 (Year 11) at the school’s Speech Day, will go on to study Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Spanish at A Level.

16-year-old Rose Angel-Clark from Reading has achieved excellent results, including seven A* grades and two A grades. Rose, who was awarded the Challis Cup for English at Speech Day, will go on to study Philosophy and Ethics, History, Latin and English Literature at A Level.

Year 11 pupils Susie Liddell and Rosie Griffin, who led a Gender Debate discussion at the school’s BrainCanDo Conference in March, have both achieved top grades in their GCSEs. Inspired by the ‘Lean In’ project and actress Emma Watson’s United Nations speech, Susie and Rosie explored the concept of Feminism at the conference, describing how they want to “earn what we are worth” and that the word Feminism indicates “a strong, independent woman.”

16-year-old Susie, from Henley-on-Thames, achieved 10 GCSEs, including six A* grades and three A grades while Rosie, aged 16 from Caversham and a Berkshire County Champion runner in the 1500m, achieved 11 GCSEs, including two A* grades and seven A grades.  Rosie, who elected to study Ancient History off timetable to follow her love of this subject was delighted with her A* in this subject.

Sporting star Kate Hillas, aged 16 from Henley-on-Thames, is celebrating after achieving eight A* and three A grades in her GCSEs. Kate, who represents Queen Anne’s in tennis and lacrosse, will now go on to study Mathematics, Biology, Economics and Geography in at A Level.

Kathryn Tremayne, 16 from Crowmarsh, has achieved 11 GCSEs, including three A* grades and five A grades. Kate will know go on to study Maths, English Literature, Economics and Geography in the Sixth Form at Queen Anne’s.

Zara Amjid, aged 16 from Maidenhead, has achieved 10 GCSEs, including four A* grades and five A grades.

County Hockey player, Jessica Roberts, aged 16 from Henley-on-Thames, has achieved 9 GCSEs, including one A* grade and six A grades. Jessica, who was recently invited to join the Junior Regional Performance Centre for Hockey, will go on to study Psychology, Economics, Biology, Music Technology and Core Mathematics at A Level this September.


The breakdown of Queen Anne’s School’s GCSE results is as follows:

A*           28%

A*/A       63%

A*-B       88%

A*-C       97%

Pass        100%