Queen Anne's GCSE results



The outstanding teaching alongside the opportunities the girls at Queen Anne’s are given to develop their knowledge and skills provide the optimal conditions for public examination entry.

The girls are taught in classes of approximately 15 students at GCSE. Tutor support, clinics and teaching on how the brain works and strategies for learning, revision and well being, are all critical to the excellent results that the girls achieve every year.

Our results are always a credit to the hard work and commitment of our girls and the dedication they demonstrate towards their studies and their futures on a day to day basis.

Every girl will, alongside their examination grades, take with them an array of other awards and accolades; for some girls this includes Grade 8 Speech and Drama awards, Grade 8 and Diploma musical achievements, Duke of Edinburgh Awards, memberships of the National Youth Theatre, National Youth Musical Theatre, National Youth Orchestra and competing and achieving at national level in their chosen sport. The girls also take with them well-developed interpersonal skills, namely confidence, compassion and kindness. Most importantly, the all-round achievements of our students enable them to move on to universities, businesses and other institutions ready to pursue the next stages of their development with a sense of fulfilment and a strong inner compass.


The breakdown of Queen Anne’s School’s GCSE results is as follows:

A*           47%

A*/A       69%

A*-B       87%

A*-C       98%

Pass        100%


Queen Anne’s School is delighted to announce an excellent year of GCSE results with 47% of grades achieved at 9/8 (A*) and 69% of grades at 9-7 (A*-A) and 125 grade 9’s achieved by students.

Headmistress, Julia Harrington said “The enthusiasm and hard work we have seen from this year group has been phenomenal; they have been thoroughly committed to their academic achievements and continue to show their determination to succeed in sixth form.”

Queen Anne’s School offers both GCSE and IGCSE to students; for this reason grades are displayed numerically and alphabetically.

Exceptional top grades of 9/8/A* have been seen across all STEM subjects: 75% of biology grades, 85% of chemistry, 70% of physics and 50% of maths grades achieved were achieved at 9/8/A* and in computer science 100% of students achieved an A.

Many of the students will be continuing their STEM studies at A level; both Emmeline and Millie are jumping for joy with their results. Talented musician and lacrosse athlete (England U19 trials) Millie will go on to study biology, chemistry, maths and economics having achieved six 9’s, one 8, two A*’s and an A. Emmeline, who won the Speech Day award for ‘Consistent effort in the year group’ achieved three 9’s, two 8’s, one 7, one 6 and four A*’s and is looking forward to studying art, chemistry, maths and physics at sixth form.

Sophie’s five 9’s, one 8 and three A*’s will see her continue to study sciences at A level with a desire to attend a leading university to study Astrophysics.

The co-curricular programme offered at Queen Anne’s School is one that all students embrace and helps them to develop them into all-round high achievers. Scholars, Hazelle and Emily, embrace the vast number of opportunities offered to students: Grade VII pianist and first-team student across sport, Hazelle, gained four 9’s, one 8, one 7 and four A*’s. And Emily, who is a fantastic dancer and is part of the U19 England lacrosse team, excelled in her grades with four 9’s, two 8’s and three A*’s.

In addition, Evie who excels in drama and is part of first team lacrosse and is looking ahead to joining the Queen Anne’s rowing team from September, achieved five 9’s, two 8’s and two A*’s.