The aim of the Personal, Social and Health Education with Citizenship (PSHE) programme is to prepare pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life, and to make them aware of some of the situations they might face.

The PSHE programme provides an opportunity for girls to discuss relevant, topical issues which, it is hoped, will improve their awareness, self-discipline, judgement and responsibility, both to themselves and to the community in which they find themselves.  The tutors lead the PSHE lessons giving the girls plenty of opportunity for discussion.  The emphasis is on active learning involving role play, group work, questionnaires and video-related work.  Outside speakers play an important part in the programme, supporting the role of the tutor.

Topics covered include health education, prejudice and discrimination, drugs, smoking, HIV and AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, citizenship, politics and bullying.  Age appropriate study skills relevant to are included in PSHE lessons.  The girls have the opportunity to take the Morrisby test (see Careers Education & Guidance) in the autumn term of their U5 year.  A careers adviser comes into school to administer this test: it helps the girls to identify their strengths and it suggests a range of possible careers.

PSHE is not confined to the weekly PSHE lesson: it is included in the content and teaching of many subjects in the curriculum, as well as assemblies, lectures, extra-curricular activities and pastoral care in the Houses.



All students take part in this rewarding and enriching programme.  It is designed to complement the Personal Social Health & Economic education (PSHE) and Sixth Form assembly programme in order to promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural experiences that the girls enjoy at Queen Anne’s.  The aim is to encourage an interest in the outside world and to learn about the history of many aspects of modern life. Through independent thought and the development of an enquiring mind we hope that the girls will begin to question rather than accept issues ranging from politics to restorative justice.

Different speakers are invited into the school each week and the topics cover such diverse issues as the Masai culture and their belief systems to the history of music in the United Kingdom.


PSHE Co-ordinator: Ms Maggie Roberts