With over one million young people currently unemployed in the UK, growing inflation and economic growth stagnating at 0.5% over the past year, economics is never far from news headlines.

Studying Economics at A Level gives our students an opportunity to apply economic analysis to problems facing the incumbent government and be equipped to make reasoned judgements regarding fiscal and monetary policies and correcting market failures.  Economics is both a diverse and dynamic subject and for A Level we study both microeconomics and macroeconomics. We analyse economic theory and support this with topical events in the media.

The students subscribe to both The Economist and Economics Today where they see much of the theory they have studied in practise. Lower sixth enjoy a trip to the Bank of England where they engage in the interactive museum and a presentation especially catering for AS economics students. Lower sixth have also entered the competition “Chance to be a Chancellor” where each student must make a short presentation about how to allocate this year’s budget. This year, the upper sixth were able to attend an all-day economics conference in London where the key speaker was Alistair Darling.


Acting Head of Economics: Mrs Anne Tynan
Economics: Mrs Andrea Robinson


Based in the main school building, girls are taught in purpose-built classrooms. A number of lessons are taught in one of the state-of-the-art ICT suites.