Updated Weather Information

Friday 18th January 2013

Friday 18 January 9.40am

Day Students
Following the updated weather reports this morning, day girls whose local weather conditions have deteriorated may be collected from school at parents’ discretion over the course of today.  Please notify the school office of your intentions and of timings.  The school office will then contact your daughter and relay this information to her.   Your daughter should sign out in the school office before she leaves the school site to ensure that we know she is safe and so that the buses do not wait for her later in the day.  Should you wish your daughter to remain in school, she is very welcome to use the boarding facilities.  Again, please inform the school office by phone or email: office@qas.org.uk, telephone 0118 918 7300/303/308.

Please be aware that the buses will not be running tomorrow morning due to the current weather forecast.  The Saturday morning programme will continue to run within school and if you wish to attend and can get into school you will be very welcome.


Boarding Students
If your daughter is a boarder and had planned to be out of school over the weekend but it now looks as though she may be unable to travel, she should remain in school as usual to join the weekend programme of activities.


School buses
The up to date information we have from the bus company is that the school buses will leave at 12.30pm today.   We will be organising early lunch for the girls leaving at this time on the buses so that your daughter will have eaten before she travels.  If you are unable to collect your child from your usual pickup stop at this earlier time (please contact White Knights on 01628 829617 to confirm what this will be if you are unsure), please inform the school office so that alternative arrangements can be made.   If conditions deteriorate more rapidly, we will amend these timings.  Please keep checking www.qas.org.uk and www.twitter.com/qascaversham for further information.

The school office may be contacted on the following numbers – 0118 918 7300/303/308 – and by email at office@qas.org.uk


Please note that the lacrosse and netball fixtures have been cancelled.  We are awaiting an update on the Cross Country event.