Pass On Your Passion

Monday 28th April 2014

Two of Queen Anne’s U5 pupils have, over the last two years, completed over 100 hours each of volunteer work for netball as part of the ‘Pass On Your Passion’ scheme run by the England Netball Youth Advisory Group for England Netball.

Sophie and Laura undertook their volunteering work at school and have now received a ‘Pass On Your Passion’ (PYOP) hoody and certificate each as a reward for all their hard work.

Miss Laura Cox, Head of Netball at Queen Anne’s, said, “Sophie and Laura have been absolutely fantastic over the past two years. They have coached, scored, umpired and generally been a real asset to the Queen Anne’s coaching team. Both girls have been consistently committed and professional and are excellent role models for the younger girls in school. It has been an absolute pleasure to work alongside them.”

Speaking about her experience with the ‘Pass On Your Passion’ scheme, Laura, 16 from Reading, said, “The ‘Pass On Your Passion’ scheme (run by England Netball) is a reward scheme designed to motivate young people to volunteer for netball as either a coach or umpire. Since starting it two years ago in U4 with my friend Sophie, we have both collected over 100 hours of volunteering each and have received our rewards from England Netball.  It has been a fantastic opportunity to pass on my love of netball to the younger years and hopefully inspire some of them to do something similar in the future. I am very grateful to the PE Department for all their support and the effort that has gone in to helping us to achieving the 100 hours and our young umpire’s award which we will be taking next term.  I have really enjoyed doing it as it has helped my self-confidence to grow and because my knowledge of netball rules has developed even further, it will hopefully continue to help improve my own performance in the sport. I have definitely become a better umpire too, which will help me in the future to gain an official qualification. This would mean I could officiate in local matches or tournaments. However, it has also been challenging trying to find sufficient time to balance school work and my volunteering, but, by doing something that I really enjoy, it has helped improve my time management skills and has provided a good break from studying. I would definitely recommend the scheme to anyone who is interested in netball or giving something back to the sport, as it is a chance to be rewarded for doing something you love.”

Sophie, 15 from Wokingham, said, “The ‘Pass On Your Passion’ programme was first introduced to me by my primary school teacher at the end of year 6. I didn’t think much of it until I joined U4, when Laura and I both showed an interest in volunteering for netball. After researching the programme I realised that it would be very helpful for me since I loved playing netball already and being able to pass on my own knowledge of netball to the younger years interested me. The programme encouraged me to volunteer at least twice a week, most weeks, and soon after starting the programme, becoming an umpire caught my attention. Over the past two years, Laura and I have completed over 110 hours of volunteering each and I am looking to participate in a young umpires qualification course. I have been able to learn the concept of umpiring and this year have progressed to the extent that the PE department allowed a peer and myself to umpire the Junior House netball tournament. It was a great experience and by progressing alongside the programme has meant that my confidence levels have risen when coaching the younger years and umpiring has become a hobby under the influence of the staff members. It was very a very fun experience and I am very grateful that the PE staff allowed me to continue whilst encouraging me at the same time. I would recommend the programme to any of the younger years that have a passion for netball since the confidence, skills and opportunity is amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed it!”

The ‘Pass On Your Passion’ scheme, run by the England Netball Youth Advisory Group, aims to recognise the countless number of young volunteers in netball. It aims to provide pupils with opportunities, ideas and rewards to help pupils on their leadership and volunteering journey.

Sophie and Laura_Netball volunteering

Sophie and Laura


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