National Schools' Lacrosse Championship Success

Tuesday 4th March 2014

National Schools’ Lacrosse season is upon us and in true Queen Anne’s spirit every girl in the school has been fully behind our teams. 

On Friday morning the school entered into the competitive spirit by watching a video prepared by our England Lacrosse Coaches in assembly and at every opportunity the girls were eagerly awaiting updates from our teams.  It was also lovely to have support on the side-lines and online via twitter from a number of former Queen Anne’s girls.

A heartfelt thanks and goodbye to the leaving U6 players who have shown commitment, determination and leadership to lacrosse throughout their time at Queen Anne’s.

U19A Team

The first team played a phenomenal first day on Friday 28 February, winning three of their matches to come second in their pool and qualifying for the Championship Division.  On Saturday the team played against the top teams in the country winning one match and drawing one to reach the final 16 and the knock-out competition.  In their match against Lady Eleanor Holles School they fought hard and with huge determination but were narrowly beaten to a place in the quarterfinals.

Friday 28 February       Qualified for Championship Division

  • Game 1 v Malvern – Loss 4-3
  • Game 2 v Glenalmond – Win 4-1
  • Game 3 v St Alban’s – Win 4-1
  • Game 4 v Godolphin – Loss 1-3
  • Game 5 v Wellington – Win 8-0

Saturday 1 March       Quarter-finalists

  • Game 1 v Putney – Draw 3-3
  • Game 2 v Haberdashers – Win 5-1
  • Game 3 v St Swithun’s – Loss 1-3
  • Final 16 v Lady Eleanor Holles – Loss 0-4

A heartfelt thank you and goodbye to our Upper Sixth players Diekolola Erinle, Harriet Foster, Jessica Gibbon, Saskia Hamilton-Bowker, Elizabeth Kopec, Alicia Laing and Jemma Packham.

U19B Team

The U19B team had an incredible start to the National Schools’ Lacrosse Championships, winning 5 matches and losing only 3 in their group to qualify for Division 1.  On Saturday in Division 1, the girls played exceptionally well qualifying for the quarter-finals.  The team beat Lady Eleanor Holles School and met Wycombe Abbey in the semi finals where they narrowly lost.  All girls are to be congratulated on their standard of play and determination across both days.

Friday 28 February             Qualified for Division 1

  • Game 1 v St. Catherine’s, Bramley – Loss 1-2
  • Game 2 v North London Collegiate – Win 4-0
  • Game 3 v St. Mary’s Calne – Win 2-1
  • Game 4 v St. Alban’s – Win 4-0
  • Game 5 v Cheltenham Ladies College – Win 2-0
  • Game 6 v Beneden – Loss 0-1
  • Game 7 v Moreton Hall – Loss 1-4
  • Game 8 v Bedford  – Win 3-0

Saturday 1 March               Semi-finalists         

  • Game 1 v Guilford – Loss 1-4
  • Game 2 v St. Paul’s – Loss 1-2
  • Game 3 v St. Alban’s – Win 3-1
  • Final 16 v St. Helen & St. Katharine – Win 2-0
  • Quarterfinals v Lady Eleanor Holles – Win 3-1
  • Semi-finals v Wycombe Abbey – Loss 1-3

Commended players:  Alice Shaw, Elizabeth Thomas, Alexandra Silverlock and Imogen Lockhart.

U14A Team

On Monday 3 March, the U14A team won 2 games and came second in their pool.  Queen Anne’s narrowly missed the play offs on goal difference but showed incredible spirit and determination in all their matches and proudly displayed their team spirit throughout.  It was an exciting day of play and the girls fought hard in all their matches.


  • Game 1 v St George’s, Harpendon – Draw 1-1
  • Game 2 v St Catherine’s, Bramley – Lost 2-5
  • Game 3 v Habadasher’s, Askes – Draw 2-2
  • Game 4 v Morton Hall – Won 4-1
  • Game 5 v Queen Margaret’s – Won 5-2

Commended players: Katie Green, Cassandra Shutter, Abigail Owen, Isabella Bowater and Ella Harris.
Most Valuable Player: Shana Hart

U13A Team

On their first outing to National Schools’ Lacrosse Tournament, the U13 team were in a highly competitive pool.  Following some very exciting play, the girls won 4 games and were placed fourth in their pool.  The girls had a fantastic day, enjoyed the experience and are raring to go for next year.

  • Game 1 v St George’s School, Harpenden – Won 4-2
  • Game 2 v Downe House – Won 3-2
  • Game 3 v St Catherine’s, Bramley – Lost 2-3
  • Game 4 v St Helen and St Katharine – Won 3-0
  • Game 5 v Berkhamstead – Lost 0-4
  • Game 6 v Lady Eleanor Holles – Lost 1-4
  • Game 7 v Heathfield – Won 7-0

Commended players: Annabel Lovett, Martha Scott-Knight and Leyla Hazley
Most Valuable Player: Annabelle Roberts

U15A Team

On the final day of the National Schools’ Lacrosse Tournament, the U15A team kicked off their competition and won 1 of their matches, 6 – 0. Overall the team placed fourth in Section Two.

  • Game 1 v St Swithun’s – Lost 0-5
  • Game 2 v St Mary’s Calne – Lost 1-5
  • Game 3 v St George’s Ascot – Draw 3-3
  • Game 4 v Clermont – Won 6-0
  • Game 5 v St. Helen and St. Katherine – Lost 2-3

Commended Players: Alexandra Hanson, Jessica Roberts and Holly Webb
Most Valuable Player: Abigail Cooper

U15B Team

After some fantastic play on the last day of the tournament, the U15B team won 1 of their matches, playing against St Swithun’s School and placed seventh overall in Section Two.

  • Game 1 v Benenden – Lost 0-5
  • Game 2 v St Catherine’s – Lost 1-3
  • Game 3 v Lady Eleanor Holles – Lost 2-3
  • Game 4 v St George’s Ascot – Lost 0-3
  • Game 5 v St Paul’s – Lost 0-5
  • Game 6 v St Swithun’s School – Win 2-1

Commended Players: Nia Hudson, Susan Liddell and Harriet Herridge
Most Valuable Players: Britta Anderson and Alice Oram

Congratulations and a very well done to all the teams who took part in this year’s National Schools’ Lacrosse Championships.



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