First E-Book for Queen Anne's Pupils

Thursday 14th March 2013

The Queen Anne’s School Book Club recently participated in the Berkshire Book Festival by contributing to an e-book. 24 schools in Berkshire took part, creating six e-books chapter by chapter as the week progressed. Queen Anne’s contributed Chapter 3 of E-book B:

‘Alex and his Amazing Adventure’

Chapter 3

By Zuki, Shana Hart, Rebecca Holloway, Alice Ives, Madi Kavanagh, Nadya Oppenheim and Elena Sheppard of Queen Anne’s School, Caversham

Phaeryrä was sick of being pestered by the media, what with her dad being the richest Saudi Arabian oil baron, they were always trying to get the lowdown. She was too busy being bored and imagining all her foes burning to death in an acid bath, that she didn’t hear the scream. If she had, her life would have been completely different. Staring out of the window, she saw light streaming in and wondered why it was so bright at this time of the day. She walked over to peer out, and leapt back in shock. The school was enveloped in bright orange fire.

As she raced outside she stumbled over Lucy. Lucy was extremely pale and could not speak. It looked like she was pointing at something behind her. She quickly looked around. Suddenly two large silhouettes were running towards them. Lucy was trying to tell Phaeryrä something but it was too late. A large warm hand rested upon Phaeryrä’s shoulder. Phaeryrä gulped and Lucy cowered under their gaze.

Behind a far off tree, Alex was watching his accomplices berating the two girls, silently praying they wouldn’t hurt them anymore. As he heard another scream, Alex turned to run home where he couldn’t be associated with the hulking men. He wondered if his dad, a smuggler of opium into the country, would be pleased with his manipulations. No-one could blame him, he’d had a tough upbringing, but he was scared. He’d liked Lucy, a lot. He had a serious crush on her and was going to ask her out after practice.

On his way home he realised there was something else very wrong, but what was it? He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, until he reached the curb. Usually his grandma would meet him and tell him the ever-changing entry code for their dump of a house, but she wasn’t there, and neither was anyone else for that matter.

He felt lonely and shaken up like the world was asleep. What was he going to do? ‘HELP!’ Alex cried, ‘HELP, HELP, HELP!’ Something stirred in the darkness behind the butcher’s window. Maybe someone was coming to help…

Please click here to read the full story of ‘Alex and his Amazing Adventure’.


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