Weekend Activity Fun at Queen Anne's

Wednesday 22nd January 2014

On Saturday 11 and 12 of January, Queen Anne’s pupils enjoyed the first closed weekend of the year by getting involved in lots of different activities ranging from making garments to enjoying a ‘campus seek’ around the grounds of the school.

A handful of pupils from Years L4 and 4 shared with us their experiences during the action packed weekend:

“On Saturday afternoon, we had a ‘campus seek’. We had to answer lots of riddles and one of the questions involved us visiting Mrs Harrington’s study and suggesting an animal for the school logo. Our group chose a lion. After this we went to went to see the pantomime ‘Robin Hood’ which was really funny and then we went to Macdonalds for supper.” Sophia Ekundayo

“On Saturday we did a campus hunt and it was so much fun!  Although it was a competition, there was a friendly and benevolent atmosphere and everyone was helping each other.  I thought it was very enjoyable because we had a chance to socialize with girls from other years in our team.  In the evening we all went to the Robin Hood pantomime and it was great fun!  Everyone joined in and we sang and danced in our seats, which tired us all out. When we got back we went straight to bed.  It was a fantastic day!” Gracie Whitefoord

“On Saturday morning I took part in the Textiles workshop which involved making garments.  It was so much fun and then I went to the Pottery workshop which I really enjoyed as I have never tried creating pottery before. It was really hard but I am looking forward to going again!” Jemima Gargill

“In the morning I went to drama club and after lunch I walked into Caversham with Miss Cleary and some of my friends to buy some sweets. Then we took part in the ‘campus seek’.  It was a lot of fun and really engaging as we had to take part in a number of challenges.  My favourite question was suggesting an animal for the school logo to  Mrs Harrington.  After the ‘campus seek’, we all went on a coach to see the pantomime ‘Robin Hood’ which was very funny.” Amy Nicoll

“On Saturday I did a  ‘campus seek’.  I was in a team with Amy Nicoll, Lauwmi Davies Nnadi and Izzy Ritchie.  It was really fun. Afterwards we went to the pantomime with the other girls in my year.  It was really funny and we all shouted at the sheriff!” Rachel Green

“On Saturday I played Badminton in the morning and then went to Caversham and bought loads of sweets for a bargain price!  Afterwards we did a ‘campus seek’.  It was great as all of the years were put in different teams and we had to complete tasks and answer questions around the school.  Then we went to the pantomime to see Robin Hood which I really enjoyed.” Lucy Walker

“I had a really fun Saturday at Queen Anne’s.  I went to Greek club in the morning and in the afternoon I went to Caversham with my friends.  After that I went to the ‘campus seek’.  Our team went to different parts of school including Mrs Harrington’s study and the swimming pool.  My team chose the lion as the animal for the school logo.” Sherry He

“On Saturday I started with badminton.  It was very fun!  After badminton I went to Caversham with my friends and we bought loads of sweets.  When we got back we did the ‘campus seek’.  The campus seek involved creating groups and following a series of instructions.  It was really fun but we didn’t do very well on the origami!  After the ‘campus seek’, we went to the pantomime to see Robin Hood.  It was really funny because we got to shout things out.  After the performance finished, we set off back to school and stopped off for  supper at Macdonalds.” Charlotte Ashley

“On Saturday I went to Badminton club in the morning and then walked into Caversham with my friends to buy sweets.  After lunch we played a game called ‘campus seek’.  We were split into teams and had to answer riddles which told us to visit a certain place in the school;  it was very fun!  Afterwards we went to a pantomime and had a great time!” Gabby Sherwood


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