Queen Anne's Sixth Form Centre Progress

Friday 4th September 2015

Over the summer, real progress has been taking place as our new state-of-the-art Sixth Form Centre begins to take shape. Over the past few days, we have seen the new ground slab laid, which clearly depicts the outline of the new building.

The concrete pouring process was completed during Thursday 3 September and this included a major logistical exercise to accommodate over 100 concrete lorries up and down the main driveway. We are looking forward to seeing further progress in the next few weeks as the building starts to come out of the ground.

Sixth Form Centre Progress_v2

Work completed during the summer holidays

Piling took place over the summer holidays. Every building, which the school has erected at least since 2006, has had to be piled. The piles go down some 20 to 30 metres into the ground and the foundations of the building lie on top of them. This anchors the building very firmly into the ground way down below. Piling is needed owing to the ground conditions located in Caversham, which mean that all new buildings require reinforcement to make sure their foundations are secure.

Another focus over the summer was the breaking up of the base of the old Holmes House, which was demolished in the summer of 2011. When it was demolished, half of the base was left and has been used ever since as the base for a patio area, with furniture very kindly provided by the Queen Anne’s School Parents’ Association (QASPA). The breaking up of the base was required to make room for one of the landmark features of the new building – the large metal hoops which will project the structure of the building out into the courtyard area behind it.


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