Mathematics Accomplishments

Friday 5th December 2014

Our Queen Anne’s mathematics students have been busy this term by participating in the Senior Teams Maths Challenge and the Senior Mathematics Challenge.

In this year’s Senior Mathematics Challenge, our Sixth Form students achieved 2 Gold, 4 Silver and 9 Bronze certificates. Over 81, 000 pupils from across the UK took the Challenge, with the top 10% receiving a Gold certificate, the next 20% a Silver and the next 30% a Bronze.

The following certificates have been awarded to girls at Queen Anne’s:


  • Kendra Broome (U6)
  • Joyce Tsang (U6)
  • Parinda Ansusinha (L6)
  • Karina Avdalyan (L6)
  • Saskia Sherwood(L6)
  • Matilda Brock (L6)
  • Catherine Gass(L6)
  • Elizabeth Thomas (L6)
  •  Amber- Rose Cooper (L6)


  • Edith Li (U6)
  • Charlotte Way (L6)
  • Maria Vanegas Silva(L6)
  • Yanmin Yan(L6)


  •  Elizabeth Ng (U6)
  • Fangyuan Tian (L6)

Elizabeth deserves added congratulations for being awarded the ‘Best in School’ certificate, for the pupil with the highest score overall.

Senior Mathematics Challenge

Sixth Form students with their certificates

Sixth Form students have also gone on to achieve success in this year’s Senior Team Mathematics Challenge. The Queen Anne’s students who took part in this year’s event are: Charlotte Leaver, U5, Matilda Brock, L6, Edith Li, U6, and Elizabeth Ng, U6. Please find below for the girls’ accounts of their experience of the Senior Team Mathematics Challenge:

“Nerd heaven! The Senior Mathematics team, self named ‘mathletes’, came together every Wednesday for an hour packed with tantalising puzzles. Problems solving with other like-minded algebra lovers is a rare pleasure. On Monday 10 November, we took part in the first round of the Senior Team Mathematics Challenge. It was a tough competition and with laughter, brilliance and despair, we powered on through the three rounds of the competition. Overall we came 19th out of the 23 competing teams; having given it our best shot, I was really pleased with the way we were able to use the different skills we all took to the table. Having learnt to work smarter not harder, being on the maths team has really accelerated my performance in A Level maths. It has been a great experience.”

Matilda Brock, L6

“Following an enjoyable few weeks of preparation for the competition, the Senior Mathematics Team embarked on a maths filled evening at Highdown School. Although we didn’t win the competition, we were certainly the team that had the most fun and that, I think, is a win in itself.”

Elizabeth Ng, U6

“Participating in the Senior Team Mathematics Challenge was an incredible opportunity for us. During the practice, we have developed a solid foundation for our maths skills. We have noticed that each member of the team has improved in at least one area. As this is a team challenge, we can complement each other. Participating in the Senior Team Mathematics Challenge was thoroughly enjoyable and I would be more than happy to take part again.”

Edith Li, U6

Senior Team Mathematics Challenge

Senior Team Mathematics Challenge


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