L5 Team Building Day At The Bushcraft Centre

Monday 12th October 2015

On Tuesday 29 September, the L5 year group took an exciting trip to Cornbury Park, near Charlbury in Oxfordshire, to take part in a Bushcraft Team Building Day. L5 pupils Romilly Hayward and Emma Harris write about their experiences below:

“We started the day by getting onto our ‘Tribes’ and listening to our instructors as they explained some important rules of survival.  We learnt about the ways to find water and food and it was really interesting learning about different methods of starting fires in the wild.  There were a variety of different methods including using materials such as chemicals, flint stones and lighters.  The demonstrations were quite exciting, especially the potassium permanganate and sugar water which ignited with a small explosion!

It was great fun cooking our own lunches on the fire. We had to start by using the things we had learnt to collect our own firewood. Most people had lamb and vegetable skewers and the vegetarians amongst us had Quorn and vegetable skewers. They were all delicious. We finished our meal with some mouth-watering smores when we roasted marshmallows over the fire and then cleaned everything up which included pouring water onto the soil so that underground fires didn’t occur.

We all listened intently to our instructors when they talked about hunting, foraging and making animal traps.  We watched some demonstrations on how to make different kinds of traps and our ‘Tribes’ were then tasked with coming up with some different ideas for traps.  Our Tribe made three traps: a dangle which was designed to catch an animal by the leg and suspend it from a tree, a mangle which is when an animal is trapped firmly between a piece of wood and the ground and a tangle which is when an animal is restrained with a piece of rope.  Whilst this is all useful to know, in the event that we are stranded in the wild and starving, we were all rather relieved we didn’t have to catch any animals for our lunch!

We completed the day by making bracelets from paracord and securing them with clasps.  It was really good to take a souvenir away from the day … other than the smell of campfire!

The day was an immense amount of fun that allowed the entire year to enjoy the outdoors and get to know each other better, whilst also learning some really useful survival skills.”

Click here to view a selection of photographs from the day


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