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Sixth Form

Michell Upper Sixth House

“A home from home where girls are encouraged to become independent thinkers and mature contributors to life”

Michell is a boarding and day House for Upper Sixth Form students.  The House is situated at the top of the school site, enabling the girls to enjoy privacy away from the main school, extensive and exclusive gardens and fun, friendly atmosphere. There is a dining room where the Sixth Form are provided with breakfast and supper every day. Students may also choose to cook for themselves in the large kitchen, overlooking the garden.

The House

Mr and Mrs RichHousemistress: Mrs Rich
Deputy: Mrs Lewis
Matron: Mrs Kemp
GAP Student: Miss Lee
Graduate GAP: Miss Nicholson
Hearing Dog: Linus


“Our house parents are hilarious but supportive of the stresses of Upper Sixth Life”

Sixth Form Tutors

Mr Boulton
Mrs Eagle
Dr Fancourt
Mr Godfrey
Miss Greenhalgh
Dr Ingram
Miss McNeil
Mrs Norris

“Girls are encouraged to gain life skills in the house and regularly cook and eat meals together”

UntitledMichell has recently been refurbished. There are three different lounge areas, the quiet one, the cosy one, and the big one; the latter is where the whole house joins for house meetings. Boarders and day girls enjoy the house together. Each boarder has her own room, though some girls choose to share with a day girl. The rooms themselves are spacious, warm and have wireless internet. Every girl has her own space, and can choose to work in a bedroom or in one of the quiet study rooms.

“The old house is cosy and creates a family environment”

One of the nicest things about living in Michell is the relationship between the staff and girls. The house parents and their family are at the heart of Michell, as well as the deputy Housemistress, and the two GAPs. There is always someone to say hello to on entering the house, and the staff are always more than willing to help.

“The house staff always have open arms, a warm smile and chocolate at hand”

Michell offers a number of events and activities each year which are open exclusively to the Upper Sixth. These include dinner parties with The Oratory School, wine-tasting, barbeques, film nights, and an evening boat cruise on the Thames. Furthermore, Mr and Mrs Rich invite each girl to an informal drinks party with a few friends.House

Michell is a flexible house, and very much a ‘bridge to university.’ Students are able to enjoy an increased sense of independence when joining the Upper Sixth. Girls may go into Caversham at lunch time, and are able to visit Reading to shop or see a film after school on Wednesdays. At the weekends, students often meet up with friends in Reading and London. Visitors are always welcome. Whether girls want to work quietly, relax, or laugh with their friends, Michell caters for all the girls’ needs in a spacious, friendly environment.

“I feel safe and well looked after in the house”

A day in the life of an U6 day student

“Getting into Michell House before eight o’clock is a good opportunity to have a bit of extra breakfast in the dining room before walking down the field to assembly. It almost makes up for the 6:30am starts. When you reach the U6, lessons are fewer but a lot more intense; doubles don’t drag like they used to. Free periods can be spent in a number of places. The Sixth Form workroom is the warmest option but perhaps the noisiest. The Library suits me best but most people prefer to work in their rooms up in house. The best lesson of the day is lunch: we eat either in the dining room or Café 6. I’ve realised the benefit of the lunch breaks we have this year as it is a good chance to catch up with people (you find you miss out on seeing some people if they don’t do any subjects with you), switch off on the walk up from main school to house, or cram in some work. We do less evening activities than the rest of the school because we generally experience more of a busy workload, but I still take singing lessons, drama lessons and go to choir. For team lacrosse players, training is on a Wednesday after school. Between 4:30pm and 6:30pm is a good time to work but it is also possible to go home once the school day has ended on some days during the week. Just remember to sign out!”

Sophie McAlpine, U6 student in Michell House

Contact the House

T: 0118 918 7362
E: michell@qas.org.uk


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