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A Level Students Jumping For Joy

Results and Achievements

We know that success means different things to each of us.  At Queen Anne’s, having the courage to get up and have a go is one of the ways we define sucess and is the first vital step to achievement.

Please click here to view our 2015 A Level and GCSE Celebration Booklet - a round-up of all our results or click the links to the right for year-by-year results.

The intricate web of support from friends, teachers and House staff means Queen Anne’s is an environment where the girls have high aspirations to acheive success and happiness as they strive towards their goals. We have a ‘no limits’ approach to learning and this is a school where there are endless opportunities.

No limits

I’d never climbed before and the first time I did it, I fell off and nearly gave up but I was encouraged to continue and now I think it’s the coolest thing! This is the place where there aren’t any limits placed on you.

Jordi Brudenell, L6 student




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