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The main aim of the History department is to make the subject a source of pleasure and enrichment, one to which students will want to return for the rest of their lives. We begin by establishing a chronology, not only of historical time, but beginning with the big bang. A good sense of chronology is important if students are to place new information into context. The quality of such knowledge is another important feature of the department. Most textbooks have been dumbed down to such an extent that they look like a set of revision notes; at Queen Anne’s we use the few books that tell stories in detail, and where the books don’t exist, we write our own. When we look at historical sources, we also consider them in greater depth than most textbooks usually allow. Our aim is that students learn to appreciate the materials with which historians have to work.  We don’t teach a formula to deal with sources – such an approach is fatal in public examinations – but rather a sensitivity to their interest and usefulness.

History offers a wonderful spectacle of every type of human being trying to cope with being alive in the times into which they were born. Love, hate, greed, generosity, brilliance, stupidity – all human life is there.


Head of History: Ms Erin Meyer Wilson
History: Ms Maggie Chodak (Deputy Head – Pastoral)
History: Dr Juliet Ingram


Based in the main school building, girls are taught in purpose-built classrooms.  When required for research purposes some lessons may be taught in one of the state-of-the-art ICT suites.

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