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GCSE Science Triple Award Curriculum

AQA Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Triple Science allows students to obtain a GCSE grade for each of the three sciences, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Pupils considering this course should have a specific interest and strength in science and are perhaps considering a scientific or technical career.

This course has an emphasis on ‘scientific literacy’ as well as scientific content. In addition to studying a body of scientific knowledge, importance is attached to scientific skills and an understanding of how science works in the world at large as well as in the laboratory.

The specification is offered at two tiers, Higher and Foundation. We expect every pupil will be entered for the Higher tier which assesses grades A* to D.  It follows all of the ‘Double Award Science’ course and content. Further topics are studied in the fields of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, as shown below. These are examined by nine structured papers, three for each science at the end of U5. Practical work is assessed, in the same manner as for the ‘Double Award Science’.

Unit 1: Biology 3

  • More detail about how dissolved materials get in and out of animals and plants
  • How materials are transported around an organism
  • How our bodies keep internal conditions as constant as possible
  • How humans can affect the environment

Unit 2: Chemistry 3

  • The periodic table and its development
  • The water we drink
  • The energy involved in chemical reactions
  • Identifying and analysing substances
  • The production of ammonia
  • The properties and uses of alcohols, carboxylic acids and esters

Unit 2: Physics 3

  • How physics can be applied in medicine
  • Using physics to make things work
  • How physics keeps things moving

Science at Queen Anne’s provides an excellent preparation for life in the modern world and it’s fun!

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